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House Moving Inventory List: What It Is, Why You Need It, and How to Make It

posted: 28/02/2022

making a inventory list for a relocation to LondonIt is not uncommon to end up with a damaged piece of expensive furniture, especially during international or long-distance house relocations. In these unfortunate cases, you will need to contact your insurance company and start the tedious process of issuing a claim and proving that the damage is real. However, what if we tell you there is a faster way to ensure you will get your reimbursement and save you a lot of stress? Indeed there is a simple solution to your problem – just make an inventory list. These pieces of paper will speed up both your work with the moving and insurance companies. We strongly urge you to read the following article and prepare your documentation in advance.

What Is a Household Inventory List

The household inventory list is a report that includes the basic information about your personal belongings – description of the make and model, serial number, estimated price, purchase receipts, photos, etc. It is one of the essential documents you would need to have when making an insurance claim.

Why Do You Need an Inventory List When Moving

In case your belongings suffer damages or are stolen during the moving process, you would need a document that will help the insurance companies determine the value of your personal property. In addition, you will need to show proof of ownership cue the receipts and photos in the inventory list.
Here are some of the benefits that come with having one such report:

  • You can easily see and identify your most expensive possessions and assess what type of insurance you will need.
  • It makes checking your belongings at the end of the relocations easier, as you can spot right away if something on the list is missing.
  • You can use the inventory list to verify the condition of your items before and after the house move, thanks to the pictures you have taken of everything.
  • The inventory list will speed up the reimbursement procedure as you can provide all the data right away.
  • In addition, the inventory list can immensely help your moving company. You can mark the items that need to be packed in a specific way and indicate where they need to be unpacked and arranged at your new place. Furthermore, you can use the inventory report as a checklist while inspecting if all of your possessions are loaded in the moving vehicles.

Everybody should have an inventory list when moving, regardless of how big their household is. It is the best precautionary measure you can take.

How to Make a Household Inventory List for Your Home Relocation

You need to follow three easy steps when making and using your inventory list.

Step 1: Create the Template

There are different types of inventory lists, depending on what you need them for. Insurance companies often have their own templates that you can use. You can also make your own, but be sure to include the following information about each item:

  • Short description of colour, material or fabric.
  • Brand and model
  • Serial number
  • Date and place of purchase
  • Receipt/ Invoice
  • Warranty documents
  • Current condition – mark if the item has any scratches or small damages before the removal.
  • Photo – Make it just before you pack your item. A good idea is to snap a picture of your packaging, so you can prove the potential damages are not caused by negligence on your part.
  • Place – This one is especially useful for your movers. Mark where in your house this particular item sits.

You can make a simple spreadsheet in Excel or even write everything by hand. It doesn’t matter where you create your template, as long as it has all the necessary attributes.

Put labels on Storage boxesStep 2: Fill in Your Inventory List

Go around your home and start listing your belongings. Begin one room at a time and check every item. If you own a large property or don’t have the time, you can hire a professional to create the inventory list for you. Snap lots of pictures, and you can even include a short video of the more expensive pieces. It is important to document everything and have solid evidence to prove your point if something happens during the move.

Step 3: Regularly Update the List

It may take months to pack and relocate, and during this time, you will surely acquire new items. Remember to update the inventory list and include any new possessions. This step is overlooked often as usually, people forget about the report once they fill it out. Don’t make this mistake, or you can end up losing your compensation money.

Work with Your Moving Company

The inventory list can substantially speed up the house moving process. Here is how:

  • Your movers can offer you tailored insurance depending on the value of your possessions.
  • If you provide the moving coordinator with the inventory list, they can offer you the most suitable options when it comes to packing materials (different shapes and size boxes, bubble wrap, foam peanuts, tape, and so on).
  • You can create a separate inventory list for each room to help your packers organise their work faster.
  • Knowing what exactly is in each box will better the quality of the provided services, as your house movers will know exactly how and where on the truck to place the load, so it has maximum protection.
  • If your movers know in advance what type of items they will be lifting and loading, they can prepare the most suitable equipment. For example, there is a big difference in weight and overall dimensions between a digital and a grand piano.
  • Having an inventory list can save your finances, especially if you are moving abroad. Often people forget what they packed and wonder if a particular dent or scratch was there before they packed that specific item.

Do not overlook the importance of making a proper inventory list. And if you don’t know where to start, we have created a simple template you can use. Just print it out, fill it in and attach all additional documentation and photos. Compile everything into a neat binder, and you are ready for your house removal to begin.

Download Now: Inventory list

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