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31 Interesting House Moving Stats and Facts in 2022

posted: 30/06/2022

People constantly move from one place to another in search of the ideal living and working conditions. It has been like that since the dawn of time. However, nowadays, you can delegate the majority of the tasks to professional removal companies that can help you achieve your goals. So let’s take a look at the amazing world of UK house relocations and let the numbers speak for themselves.

1. General House Moving Stats and Facts

1. Most person in the UK will relocate their home around 8 times during their lifetime. In the 80s, the numbers used to be much higher – a household used to move to a new place every 8 years.

UK facts and stas2. On average, roughly 100 000 UK households will move to a new home every month.

3. The people who decide to relocate their house are usually between the ages of 18 and 30.

4. The people in the different parts of the UK have different moving behaviour. For example, the Births from Wales move every 33 years on average, whereas those from Scotland – every 15 years.

5. 75% of house moves in the UK are domestic, and only 25% are international.

6. People from Wakefield tend to move the biggest number of rooms on average – 3.12.

7. The majority of people prefer to relocate during the warmer Summer months. It also means Summer is the most active season for house removal companies.

8. Regardless of the season, the busiest days of the week for house movers are Fridays and Saturdays, while Sundays are usually the least popular.

9. Ilkley in West Yorkshire is the best place to live in 2022, with an average house price of £265,000 and an average rental price of £700 per month.

10. The minimum deposit to rent a home in the UK in 2022 is £27,400.

11. The top 3 reasons people give when asked why have they chosen to relocate are:

  • To be closer to practical amenities like medical facilities and shops
  • To be closer to their friends and relatives
  • For work-related reasons

2. Which Are The Most Expensive Parts of the Country to Move to

12. Winchester is the most expensive place to live in the UK, with the average house price being £630,432. This is 14 times the average amount of salary in the city.

13. The top 5 most expensive cities to relocate to are:

  • Winchester, South East
  • Oxford, South East
  • Bath, South West
  • Truro, South West
  • Chichester, South East

3. Which Are The Cheapest Parts of the Country to Move to

14. Shildon in County Durham is the cheapest place in the UK you can move to in 2022. The average property price is just £71,000.

15. The top 5 cheapest places to move to are:

  • Shildon, County Durham
  • Cleator Moor, Copeland
  • Ferryhill, County Durham
  • Stevenson, North Ayreshire
  • Cumnock, East Ayrshire

4. What Is the Average House Size in the UK in 2022

16. The average property size in England in 2022 is 729 sq ft.

17. The average property price on the Island in 2022 is £266,742, meaning people are paying £366 per sq ft.

18. In the North East of England, the average property size is bigger, standing at 748 sq ft.

19. The average property price in the North East is £140,248, meaning people can buy a home for only £187 per sq ft.

Houses in London5. London House Moving Stats for 2022

20. Every year, around 200 000 people move from elsewhere to London, while only 25 000 relocate the opposite way.

21. The average size of a home in London is 705 sq ft.

22. The average property price for a house in London stands at £513,997, meaning homebuyers are paying £729 per sq ft.

23. After they relocate into their new home, Londoners spend on average £1,793 on home-improving tech.

6. Stats and Facts about House Moving Industry

24. The most valuable consumer group in the UK in 2022 are the home-movers, as the amount of funds they spend pre, during and post their removals significantly surpasses the money spent by the others.

25. On average, homeowners spend £13,000 within a year of moving to their new house for additional expenses like furniture, home renovations, plants, etc.

26. The top 5 most expensive property improvements equate to 3% of the GDP of the UK. They are as follows:

  • new furniture (£1,251.63)
  • new kitchen (£1,185.86)
  • new bathroom (£1,115.18)
  • energy efficiency (£1,021.72)
  • smart devices (£792)

27. There are a total of 14,184 moving companies in the UK.

28. The top three regions with the most registered removal agencies have a 30% market share in the total UK moving industry. They are London, Manchester and Kent.

29. During the lockdown, the need for removal services declined by nearly 65% compared to 2018.

30. Once the lockdown was over, the moving industry saw an unprecedented increase in the number of people searching to relocate – almost 180%.

7. What Are the Average UK House Removal Costs for 2022?

31. The average removal costs in the UK depend on various factors, but roughly you can estimate the following:

Type of propertySelf-packingPacking service included
2 bedroom house £600£900
3 bedroom house £900£1200
4 bedroom house £1200£1800

8. FAQs

8.1 What is the most common day to move house?

On average, the most popular day for a house move, regardless of the season, is Friday. According to statistics for the last 16 years, Friday has been the most preferred time to relocate for more than 30% of the people.

8.2 What stops people from moving more often?

Based on a recent study, the top 5 obstacles people have to overcome when relocating their home are:

  • The stress caused by the house-moving process
  • Mortgage affordability or rent (deposit)
  • Family
  • Cost of moving
  • Job security

8.3 How long is the average house relocation?

Depending on where you are moving to, how many items you have, and the additional services you might have booked (packing/unpacking), the average house move can take from 2-3 hours to a couple of days. To make a more detailed estimate, use our house moving guide.

9. Conclusion

As people persist with their neverending search for “better lands,” we will continue seeing a rise in the quality of house moving services. The competition is fierce, and only the best moving companies will be able to remain on top.

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