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How to Pick the Right Moving Date

posted: 31/10/2022

It is not simple to plan and execute a relocation from one house to another. And the date that you will move out is by far one of the key decisions you should make as soon as you begin with the preparations.

Yet, choosing the perfect day to relocate might not be as easy as it seems. When taking such a significant step in your life, there are multiple things to think about.

1. When to Move?

To have a smooth moving day, you must devise a clever plan. No matter how composed you are, planning and organising the entire removal process is stressful. There are simply too many things to accomplish and too many people involved. There may be occasions when you have deadlines to meet, traffic can make matters worse, and so on.

Start by choosing the season, month and weekday, and work your way from there.

1.1 Which Season Is Best to Move Out?

Every season is the right one, as long as it is aligned with your needs and requirements.

SeasonProsConsOur Advice
Spring✔There is still a low demand for removal services;

✔The weather is more favourable than in the winter;

✘The school year is still going on;

✘The rain might pose a problem;

✘The flu season is still going strong;

Late spring is the ideal time to relocate during this season. The weather will be warmer and less humid. However, if you are considering booking your removals at the last minute, you might be charged more as the active season is starting.
Summer✔A high demand for homes to be sold, making it simple to sell yours or acquire a new one based on your circumstances;

✔ Favourable conditions for travelling;

✔Summer break is in full swing for the kids;

✘There is a large demand for moving services, and businesses are fully booked;

✘Moving may be more difficult due to traffic, which will increase the cost;

✘Watch out for heat strokes.

Summer is the ideal time to relocate, however, keep in mind that it will cost you a significant amount to relocate during the peak of the moving season.
Autumn✔ The weather is still favourable for travel;

✔Considering that the season for house removal services is about to end, you could be able to negotiate a lower cost;

✘If you have kids, you might mess with their school or kindergarten schedule now that the school year has started;

✘The services are beginning to become out of season, but not until mid to late October, thus a lower removals cost isn’t assured;

If you are after a cheap removal – late Autumn is your time. However, you need to be more organised than ever to finish all of your moving tasks given that the days are becoming shorter and the temperatures are dropping.
WinterRemoval businesses are available because there isn’t much demand;✘There are too many holidays;

✘The weather is bad;

✘Sometimes companies charge more when the relocation is during the holiday season;

Try to avoid moving in winter and if you have no choice, at least do it at the end of Winter, after the holiday season. 

1.2 What Month Should You Choose to Move Out?

The peak moving season in the UK is during the summer. Removal businesses are completely booked from early May to the middle or end of September. Therefore, avoid relocating during this time if you want to have a worry-free summer or avoid dealing with hectic company schedules.

In addition, if you want to avoid moving during the winter months due to the cold and the holidays, you should pick a day between late September and mid-November.

Another option is from the middle of March to the end of April, as the summer rush hasn’t started yet.

Remember that January or early February are the best times to relocate if you want to save money or discover the best deal. Because moving businesses are most inactive during these times, you may receive a competitive offer.

1.3 What Day of the Week to Choose to Move Out?

moving scheduleIf you have time to plan everything, such as your rent, utilities, and address change, you should pick a moving date that falls in the middle of the month. Due to the ease of setting up the aforementioned details, most people schedule dates around the start or end of the month. However, if you can organise everything at the beginning of the month and schedule the removal service for the middle of it, you might be able to save money once again. Aside from that, less demand will allow for more flexibility in the removal businesses’ schedules.

When deciding which day of the week to move, keep in mind that Friday is the most popular option. Therefore, relocating then could be more difficult and expensive than relocating on any other day of the week unless you pre-book it.

People rarely move on Sundays primarily because who wants to finish a relocation on a Sunday with no time to unpack or relax? However, moving on the last day of the week can be less expensive. So it is something to think about if that is what you are searching for.

It will be ideal to move on Wednesday or Thursday if you can take a couple of days off from work.

2. Important Things to Consider When Deciding on a Moving Date

Whether you have a family or are living alone will influence when you move out. Are you a parent? Are you renting the property you are leaving, selling your house, or purchasing a new one?

Since buying and selling a house are both drawn-out procedures, things can get more difficult. There are a lot of parties involved, and various legal agreements that could influence the dates.

You can schedule the removals at the last minute if you are moving alone and have no personal items. But you must plan if you are taking your family with you.

Professional packers and house movers occasionally need two days to finish everything necessary for large removals. In these situations, the wrapping is completed a day or more before the relocation so that on the day of the move, all that is left to do is load the vans.

As you can see, there are a lot of factors that determine the exact moving date. So here are a few strong points you must consider before making your final decision.

2.1 Are You on a Tenancy Agreement?

You must abide by the tenancy contract rules when leaving a rented property. Before deciding on a moving date, thoroughly read it because you will need to take care of a few things before you go. For example, you might need to hire a cleaning service for the end of your lease and give your landlord notice a month in advance.

Make sure you follow and carry out all of your contract-related obligations. To avoid paying any penalties, pass a tenant credit check when applying for your next rental, and receive your security deposit returned, you must understand how to end the rental arrangement as per your duty.

2.2 Are You Selling or Buying a Home?

You will have to do extra planning and thinking if you are selling your current house or buying a new one. And the tasks increase if you are doing those two things simultaneously.

For your family to move out of the old home and into the new one, both tasks must be finished quickly—ideally, on the same day. The same holds for the opposite party, and it becomes impossible to forecast the moving date and complete all processes on time.

The “exchange of contracts” and the “completion” are the primary events that all parties focus on in any home sale or purchase.

How soon after the contracts are signed can you move in? It depends as for these procedures, the financial aspect is essential. They are deemed complete when all parties have received their assets. The parties can decide on a relocation date once the money has been transferred.

important info2.3 Are You Starting a New Job That Has a Specific Start Date?

Determining the best time to move out may also be influenced by this. Your present employer might be more accommodating if you are moving because they are transferring you.

However, if you are relocating for another reason and your new boss has set a start date for you, you must make every effort to arrive at work on time. Ensure that the moving date you select will give you at least one day to unwind and get ready for the new job.

On the other hand, planning your move will be easier if you are aware of your start date in advance. Knowing your deadline will likely make it simpler to arrange everything. But if you can, modify your contract such that it meets your requirements.

2.4 Is the Start of the School Year Important for You?

It is important to acknowledge that relocation will cause some schedule disruption for the kids. As a result, one of the most popular times of year for families to move is in Summer. Although this may be the case, relocating during this season might be challenging because most movers are booked or have limited availability.

Holiday weekends offer the same chance and challenge: children are out of school, yet moving companies are scarce, and friends and family volunteers are occupied (there are even things to consider, like local road closings for events and parades, which can make moving on a holiday weekend difficult). One of the best pieces of moving advice our London experts can give you is to recognise that there isn’t an “ideal” moment to move with kids and then centre your decision-making on other aspects like cost and practicality.

2.5 When Can You Get Help?

Ask your loved ones if they can assist you with the transfer at any particular time. Having helpers helps with the challenges of moving with kids. It can be best to choose a moving day when friends or relatives are available to watch the kids or perhaps house them for the night.

The same holds true if you have pets like dogs or cats. Your furry babies also need your time and consideration.

Having trustworthy helpers will make packing, loading, unloading, and unpacking much easier and help you save time. As a result, you must choose a day when at least two of your friends or family members can help you.

3. How to Calculate How Much Time You Need?

calculating timeNow that you have chosen the day you will be relocating, use that date as your endpoint and determine how far in advance you have to begin planning your move.

A twelve-week timetable is optimal, while an eight-week program is advised as the bare least. Four weeks or less is considered “planning a last-minute move,” which will put you under a lot of stress, maybe cost you extra in terms of moving company charges as well as penalties on leases, and need you to take time out of work to prepare and pack.

Remember, if your schedule is flexible, think about moving at a time when your children can easily adjust to a new school or outside of peak travel times. All these factors are crucial when considering the right time of the year to relocate.

4. Conclusion

Our professional opinion is that the most crucial factor when deciding on a moving date is to provide yourself with enough time to plan the moving process. We hope our post will make it easier for you to think about your various opinions and prompt you to consider something you might have forgotten.

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