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The 5 Major Holiday House Moving Mistakes You Need to Avoid

posted: 24/12/2018

preparing to move to London during the holidaysIt is Christmas time once again, and if this year you have decided to move before or in-between the winter festivities you are one brave soul. You have the unpleasant task to find a way to simultaneously celebrate the holidays and pack your entire household and relocate. So many things could go wrong in so many different ways. By January you will need at least two weeks of paid leave to actually have some time for yourself. We acknowledge how hard a house move is under these conditions and we want to help you in your most stressful hours. Here is a list of the 5 most frequent home moving mistakes that you need to avoid at all cost.

Winter Moving Mistakes

Something we often forget when we are neck-deep into house moving chores is to take care of our health. During the month of December, it is not only the holiday season, but it is also flu season. When you are carrying around boxes and arranging both your old and new places, your body warms itself and the moment the cold wind blew in your face – you are already down at best with a slight cold. That is why you need to think about yourself and the health of your loved ones. If you don’t want to gather around the Christmas tree with a fever, sneezing and coughing there are some precautions you need to take:

  • When packing your hand luggage put in some basic medicines and a spare pair of mittens and socks.
  • Drink lots of hot fluids. Make some for the road.
  • Try to close all the doors and windows and don’t stay too long outside.
  • Let your movers load the truck.
  • To prevent slipping injuries caused by ice of the pathways, sprinkle your driveway, front porch and patios with sea salt.

House Moving in the Cold

pay bills before relocating to London

One of the most frequently forgotten moving tasks is to properly prepare your future home for the upcoming relocation. We are not talking about cleaning it. We are talking about making it habitable during the cold months. You must:

  • Check if you have electricity and heating. Inspect the heat installations and make sure you can maintain a normal pleasant temperature in all of the rooms.
  • Check to see if you have running water in the new home. Again be certain to inspect the piping for any leakages or other problems.
  • Pay all necessary utility bills and make sure you have internet in the new place. We don’t want to be at the place of a parent who needs to tell their teens there is no wifi until the next year.

Safety First

During the Holidays a lot of people enter your home as you receive guests and family members all through Christmas week. Combine that traffic with your house movers, and you will have something of a small highway in your hands. During these times it is essential to always lock your doors and windows. Always check twice and leave nothing to faith. We all know what happened to Kevin McCallister from the famous Home Alone films. Unfortunately, this scenario is all well too familiar and possible. During the holidays especially in big cities like London burglary and home-invasion rates are uncomfortably high. Provide your trusted house movers with a key and make sure to know who enters and leaves your properties.

Get Everybody on Board with the Home Move

Yes, this year you can’t host the Christmas party, but this doesn’t mean you can’t still have a small celebration. You don’t have to do everything by yourself. Call friends and family members to help and spend some quality time with your loved ones. It’s the Holiday season, so buy some fast snacks and have a packing party instead. This will definitely make the relocating process far easier and more fun for everybody.

It’s Christmas After All

Try not to get carried away too much in preparations for your house relocation, it’s the holiday season after all. And in that train of thought don’t put all of the presents in the moving truck. You never know what is going to happen, and you don’t want to celebrate without any gifts. Pick some of the smaller items and pack them in the car with you. This way if you end up in a hotel on Christmas Eve, you can still celebrate. A good idea is to take with you some smaller decorative ornaments or lights. This will definitely bring up the spirits of everybody.

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