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The Best Places to Relocate to Outside of London

posted: 06/01/2020

The big city life is not for everybody, and a lot of people chose to move away from London after spending there a couple of years. But where to go? What is the most suitable place for you? Let’s check the top 9 Destinations people choose to relocate to when leaving the British capital.

Move to CambridgeLive Your Best Life in Cambridge

Known as one of the most important science and technology centres in the world Cambridge is a perfect place to relocate to. Granted it is less animated than London and life is a little bit on the slow side, however, the town has incredible parks and tons of historical buildings. If you are searching for tranquillity just a few hours away from the hustle and bustle of the capital, Cambridge is the right choice.

Moving from London to Birmingham

One of the most fast-growing cities, Birmingham is a great place to move to. The city has some good shopping malls, a big variety of restaurants and pubs and amazing parks. There is even a large Botanical Garden. If you have children, the area can offer you some first-class private schools as well.

Relocating from London to Manchester

This is actually a trend that has been observed by the moving companies in London. In the past, people tended to relocate to London in search of better jobs and housing opportunities. Whereas now many prefer Manchester over London. In the past couple of year more and more businesses start to move towards the North and the once small town is now flourishing. The best part is that alto located 200 miles from the capital, you can still get to the capital for about 2 hours if you take the train.

A Great Place to Be – St Albans

This small town is located only 21 minutes from London by train, however, don’t let its size full you. St Albans has lots to offer to its inhabitants. In terms of job opportunities here are situated some large companies like Deloitte and PricewaterhouseCoopers. House prices are significantly lower than those in London which makes it a perfect contender for your next move.

Move to NottinghamBe Like Robin Hood and Move to Nottingham

If you want to taste the calm village life all the while working in a big corporation Nottingham is the place to be. A lot of company headquarters are situated here – Experian, Game Workshop and Alliance Boots. The town doesn’t fall short on interesting shops and places to grab a bite. It’s definitely a breath of fresh air after the hustle and bustle of the capital.

Move to the Coast – Brighton

Here you will find the perfect combination of seaside scenery and fun city life. Brighton is a popular destination to relocate to from London considering there is regular transport connecting the two cities. Keep in mind that in the warmer months you will be sharing Brighton with lots of tourists but you can always hide in one of the many shops or cafes. The city is especially preferred by people with children who want to escape the noisy capital.

A Place Close to London- Chelmsford

Moving away from London is not easy when you are happy with your current working conditions. Thankfully Chelmsford is directly connected to the capital with a fast train. In the past couple of years, the has been flourishing thanks to the big companies situated in the Chelmsford Business Park. Here you can find affordable housing, good schools in comfortable proximity to London.

Moving to Read – a Good Alternative

Another city that is close to the capital but is a big business centre on its own is Reading. Home of Microsoft and a lot more IT companies the city is constantly in need of employees. On top of that, the property prices are quite reasonable and there are a lot of leisure opportunities. Green spaces, water sports, great bars and pubs, interesting shops – what more do you need?

Why Not Move to Bristol?

Famous for its universities and thriving economy, Bristol is a popular choice to relocate to. It is located near several big cities – Birmingham, Bath, Exeter, Reading and London. Bristol is perfect for all those who want to live a relatively calm life in a modern home in the city centre and have access to all the benefits the capital has to offer.

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