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Gearing Up for the Movers and Storers Show 2016
The show is specially designed to attract countless attendees, all with a desire to catch up with the latest news and trends in the industry With the show now entering its 9th year, it has grown...
18/10/2016 Read more
Homeowners Spend Staggering £11k on Moving Home
The sharp rise in costs is as expected at the highest in the capital with London homeowners having to shell out £4,732 more than this time last year with the average cost of moving in London now at...
27/09/2016 Read more
UK Housing Market Steady Following EU Exit
HM Revenues and Customs data suggest that there has been the small increase based on last year with 109,630 properties being bought in the UK during the month of August Additionally, the latest...
27/09/2016 Read more
The Rise of the First Time Buyers
According to recent surveys, July 2016 saw 12% more first-time buyer valuations than July 2015, acquainting for a huge 34% of house sales and making them the most common type of property...
22/08/2016 Read more
What You Should Pack For University
For the next year, you are likely going to be spending a lot of time in your bedroom, it will not only be used for sleeping but also studying, socialising and more, therefore it is important that...
22/08/2016 Read more
Moving Home? Plan in Advance
Pre-packing clear out Before you consider how to begin packing up the entirety of your possessions to move into your new home, always have a really good clear out to make sure you don’t take any...
26/07/2016 Read more
Britain’s Uncertain Economy Following Shock EU Exit
According to reports, house prices are already beginning to plummet and have sparked interest from Chinese buyersEconomically and as expected, all areas are experiencing a downturn with the pound...
26/07/2016 Read more
Some Stuff To Do Before You Move To Your New Home
There are some small but important things which if you conduct prior to the actual moving your life will be so much easier We’re going to take a look at them But always keep in mind that Top...
11/03/2016 Read more
Upsizing And Downsizing When Moving In To A New Housing
Our expert movers give their best and practical advice on how to downsize or upsize when moving from a house to a flat and vice versa Anyone who’s ever had to switch between a flat and a house can...
16/02/2016 Read more
Get Rid Of Unnecessary Stuff Before Moving Out
You’ve grown tired of the shabby atmosphere in your old home Maybe the neighborhood was bad Maybe you just felt it was time for a change You’ve already chosen the new housing You’ve called the...
12/02/2016 Read more


Top Moving News

Put a Smile on a Child’s Face: Top Removals Is Taking Part in a Massive Charity Event

Put a Smile on a Child’s Face: Top Removals Is Taking Part in a Massive Charity Event

29th March

This year we, at Top Removals, have decided it is time to give back to the most unfortunate members of our society - youngsters in social care Our friends at Kids Care need help in raising funds and...

In The Footsteps of Celebrities – Where to Move in London

In The Footsteps of Celebrities – Where to Move in London

18th March

The places and cities we live in influence our lives immensely People who choose London as their home base understand that thе capital inspires greatness Not only is it brimming with shopping...

Moving in a Hurry? Last-Minute House Removals Tips

Moving in a Hurry? Last-Minute House Removals Tips

11th March

Nowadays, with the busy way of living, it's not rare that our destiny takes us on an unpredicted path Sometimes that can be a good thing, such as an extraordinary career opportunity, but every now...

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