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9 Ways to Use Your Storage Space Smart and Efficient
When you live in an expensive metropolitan such as London, you most definitely don’t have enough space for all of your belongings at your small flat The solution is simple - rent a self-storage and...
16th December Read more
8 Types of Packing Materials Useful for a House Move
Once you take the decision to relocate your home, you need to start packing your belongings This is not an easy task as it is both essential and time-consuming To help you in your moment of need here...
9th December Read more
8 Tips on When to Rent a Storage Unit in London
People are not used to hiring self-storage, but there are some cases in which it is quite beneficial to have one in hand Here are 8 situations that can be bettered by renting a unit close to your...
2nd December Read more
5+ Smart Storage Solutions For Small Spaces in London
Living in London comes with its downsides one of which undoubtedly is how small flats and apartments are in the British capital This means you don’t have enough space to arrange your home the way...
25th November Read more
Christmas Relocation: How to Adjust to Your New Life in London
The Christmas holidays are almost here and there are those of us who are preparing to move to the British capital and start a new life there Relocating during this time of the year is hard, but...
18th November Read more
8 Popular Mistakes To Avoid During Your International Removal to London
Many people move not only in the country but also abroad Regardless, from where you come there are a couple of international moving rules you must follow In order to make this process as less...
11th November Read more
London Events That You Must See After Your House Removals
Moving to one of the biggest capitals in Europe definitely has its perks Along with the countless housing and job opportunities, London can offer an incredible variety of annual festivals, sporting...
4th November Read more
7 Spooky Places You Need to Visit in London for This Halloween
Halloween is almost here and if you have just moved to London now is the perfect time to channel your inner ghostbuster and do some urban exploring The British capital is one of the oldest cities in...
28th October Read more
7 International Moving Tips You Need to Be Aware Of
Going to live in a new country is quite a hard task You have to think about so many things, speak with a lot of people and make stressful fast decisions To ease this process, our professional London...
21st October Read more
How to Pack and Successfully Move with Your Musical Instruments?
If you are a musician and have your own musical instruments at home, having a house move can cause serious concerns It is not easy to leave your precious items in the hands of people you have never...
14th October Read more


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Moving Checklist: How to Relocate in a Hurry!

Moving Checklist: How to Relocate in a Hurry!

3rd February

Sometimes due to work-related or personal circumstances, you need to organise a fast house move This is definitely not an easy job but it is not impossible Our London moving experts have created...

What to Expect from Your Professional Movers

What to Expect from Your Professional Movers

The most common advice you will receive when people hear you are about to relocate is to hire a moving company But do you know what to expect as far as the service go As removals experts, we have...

Moving on a Budget: How to Do It?

Moving on a Budget: How to Do It?

20th January

They can be many reasons for a house move, but there is always one important point you need to think long and carefully about - money The success of your relocations lays on how well have you...

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