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How to Relocate with a Fish Tank in 5 Easy Steps
No matter what breed of fish you have a responsible owner must always take care of their pets That is why you should never abandon your animal when house moving We know that transporting a big tank...
07/10/2020 Read more
How Do Kids React to a House Relocation?
House removals are stressful In fact, psychologists place them amongst the top life-changing events a person can experience alongside the sudden loss of a family member, long-term illness and divorce...
16/09/2020 Read more
Moving to London and Its Rich Urban Wildlife
London is famous for lots of reasons, but did you know it is also one of the cities with the most diverse urban wildlife Many creatures are living among the unsuspected citizens Some are well known,...
12/08/2020 Read more
Complete Storage Guide: Everything You Need to Know Renting an Unit
1 What Are the Different Types of Storage Units There are a lot of different types of units depending on what are your requirements Here is a basic classification 11 Depending on Where the Unit...
16/07/2020 Read more
The Ultimate Office Moving Guide
1 What Is Office Relocation It is the process of moving your place of business from one location to another Office removals are very complicated, as more people and resources are involved Every...
22/06/2020 Read more
Coronavirus and Congestion Charges: How Is the Moving Business in London Affected?
As the British capital is preparing to return to semi-normalcy after the Coronavirus lockdown, some serious changes have been introduced to the city Since 18052020 the congestion charges in London...
19/06/2020 Read more
Coronavirus Outbreak in the UK and What Is Top Removals Doing About It
Due to the rapid spread of COVID-19 in the UK, and the need to provide quality moving services to the clients that still require them, we have developed a new policy It will ensure the safety of both...
27/03/2020 Read more
The Ultimate House Moving Guide
1 What to Do When You Move to the UK You need to formulate a detailed plan and include the following steps: Research, Preparation and Execution The first one covers your basics: formulating a...
25/03/2020 Read more
7 Reasons Why You Should Use a Self Storage in London
More and more people decide every day to trust their belongings in the hands of professionals and rent a unit in one of the big storage facilities in London There are numerous reasons one might want...
24/02/2020 Read more
50+ FREE Things to Do in London in 2020
If you’ve decided to visit the British capital this year, you are in for a treat One of the oldest cities in Europe has definitely a lot to offer, and the best part is you don’t have to spend a...
10/02/2020 Read more


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The UK Housing Market: 2023 Predictions

The UK Housing Market: 2023 Predictions


As 2023 draws closer, the real estate industry encounters more and more challenges The cost of living crisis continues, the mortgage rates have increased to levels - unthinkable a year ago, and...

Pros and Cons of Moving During the Holiday Season

Pros and Cons of Moving During the Holiday Season


Moving is not an easy task You have a ton of things to accomplish and consider It doesn't matter if you аre relocating across the street or the country; timing is everything So here is an...

How to Pick the Right Moving Date

How to Pick the Right Moving Date


It is not simple to plan and execute a relocation from one house to another And the date that you will move out is by far one of the key decisions you should make as soon as you begin with the...

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