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Top Removals Is a Proud BAR Member
We are happy to announce that since the beginning of April Top Removals has become a member of the British Association of Removers (BAR) With this recognition comes great responsibility towards our...
22nd April Read more
House Moving Rules and Regulations in the UK
When you organise a house relocation to London or any other part of the Uk you need to be aware of some important regulations In order to summarise everything in an understandable way, we have sat...
15th April Read more
Another Big Win for Top Removals
The Wandsworth and Richmond Councils have picked Top Removals yet again for the provision of removals and storage services Following a successful 5-year term which finished at the end of 2018, we...
8th April Read more
The Spring Event Calendar For Those Who Have Just Moved to London
If you have picked one of the three Spring months to relocate to London, that is great During this season there are lots of things you can do with your family during the warm weekends The British...
1st April Read more
Put a Smile on a Child’s Face: Top Removals Is Taking Part in a Massive Charity Event
This year we, at Top Removals, have decided it is time to give back to the most unfortunate members of our society - youngsters in social care Our friends at Kids Care need help in raising funds and...
29th March Read more
In The Footsteps of Celebrities – Where to Move in London
The places and cities we live in influence our lives immensely People who choose London as their home base understand that thе capital inspires greatness Not only is it brimming with shopping...
18th March Read more
Moving in a Hurry? Last-Minute House Removals Tips
Nowadays, with the busy way of living, it's not rare that our destiny takes us on an unpredicted path Sometimes that can be a good thing, such as an extraordinary career opportunity, but every now...
11th March Read more
Containers vs. Self Storage – What To Use in London
Is your home cluttered with a lot of stuff you don’t immediately need Do you plan to declutter If yes, then you probably consider storing some of them away for the time being However, storage comes...
4th March Read more
Free Boxes and Where to Find Them – Tips From London House Movers
Boxes and packing materials are the essence of every move Everyone seems to associates moving with boxes and vice versa And these cardboard creations can either be the most expensive item on your...
25th February Read more
Moving Soon? Here’s How the London Experts Pack Dishes and Glassware
For each task regarding your house removal to London, there are a right and a wrong way of doing it And packing is no exception That’s why professional packers exist, you know However, if you’re...
18th February Read more


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6 Moving Services You May Want to Book This Autumn

6 Moving Services You May Want to Book This Autumn

16th September

The blazing summer is finally over, and we can all take a deep breath and prepare for the cooling Autumn breeze A lot of people choose September to move to London as the weather is quite favourable...

The Biggest Difficulties When Going Trough a House Moving

The Biggest Difficulties When Going Trough a House Moving

9th September

House removals are difficult for a variety of reasons and not all of them are related to money Sometimes people get frustrated not only with the unfamiliar environment but with the significant...

6 Types of Storage and How to Choose the Most Suitable One

6 Types of Storage and How to Choose the Most Suitable One

2nd September

There are various reasons one may need a storage unit however few people know how many different types they can choose from And we are not talking only about size and price Here we have the most...

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