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Cultural Differences You Will Encounter When You Remove to Norway
Starting a new life in a new country comes with many challenges But do not feel discouraged, a fresh beginning is always something that should be perceived as positive and that helps build one's...
24/05/2018 Read more
International Removal – Unique Situations and How Best to Choose a Moving Company
Preparing for an international removal can be as hectic as the actual moving process There are a lot of things to think about and a lot to plan in advance We have decided to summarise the most...
07/05/2018 Read more
Removal to the Amazing London – Amusing Facts and Architectural Geniality
Pack your bags, find good moving services in London and move to one of Europe’s oldest cities Here you are going to find historical buildings, odd street names, peculiar laws and traditions Even...
24/04/2018 Read more
Moving from Norway to London – Things to Be Aware of in 2021
The time for change has come and you have decided to move your house from Norway to London It sounds great – to forget about the spiked winter shoes, the long sunny, summer nights, and,...
19/04/2018, updated: 15/01/2021 Read more
What You Should Know When Moving to Norway
Moving your home to a new location is a challenge in itself, but moving to a new country in Scandinavia is a whole other story Norway is a beautiful country with an interesting history and wild...
15/03/2018 Read more
Throwing a House Warming Party on a Budget: Top Tips
Moving house can often cost more than anticipated, with more hidden costs than people realise Even when choosing an open and honest removals company such as Top Removals, there are usually several...
02/08/2017 Read more
Moving to Scandinavia Made Easy
100 CBM Truck Ordered to Serve Scandinavian Route  As many of our clients will already be aware Scandinavia is our top destination served weekly — assisting many people with both domestic and...
05/05/2017 Read more
We’re Now Members of the International Association of Movers!
This membership will provide us with multiple privileges and benefits whilst allowing us to stay on track with the current industry issue It will give our team the unique opportunity to attend...
04/01/2017 Read more
UK Housing Market Steady Following EU Exit
HM Revenues and Customs data suggest that there has been a small increase with 109,630 properties being bought in the UK in August Additionally, the latest figures from Hometrack show that the growth...
27/09/2016 Read more
DreamWorks Chooses Top Removals for Their London HQ Move
We have had the pleasure of dealing with an unusual request and rather unusual characters :) All courtesy of our client DreamWorks, the film production company (initially founded by Stephen...
04/09/2014 Read more


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What to Expect from Your Professional Movers

What to Expect from Your Professional Movers


The most common advice you will receive when people hear you are about to relocate is to hire a moving company But do you know what to expect as far as the service go As removals experts, we have...

Moving on a Budget: How to Do It?

Moving on a Budget: How to Do It?


They can be many reasons for a house move, but there is always one important point you need to think long and carefully about - money The success of your relocations lays on how well have you...

London Removal 101: How Much Time House Moves Take

London Removal 101: How Much Time House Moves Take


Relocating to a new house is time-consuming It’s important for you to consider how many hours your house move will take because most removal companies charge hourly But you still want your items to...

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