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Need a Man and Van in London? Here’s What You Should Know
Whether you need to relocate to a different part of the city or you’ve bought a wardrobe and wish it delivered to your doorstep - there are many reasons why you might require the assistance of a...
11/02/2019 Read more
Moving to Spain: A Short Guide by an International Moving Company in London
Fantastic Mediterranean food, sunny and warm weather, party lifestyle - just some of the things that make Spain a must destination for every tourist Naturally, many want to have these perks for good...
28/01/2019 Read more
The 5 Major Holiday House Moving Mistakes You Need to Avoid
It is Christmas time once again, and if this year you have decided to move before or in-between the winter festivities you are one brave soul You have the unpleasant task to find a way to...
24/12/2018 Read more
Discover the Magic of London Christmas Markets After Your Home Move
Moving during the Holidays is a tuff task There are twice as many things you would need to accomplish in order to relocate and celebrate the upcoming holidays To take your mind from the dull chores...
17/12/2018 Read more
5 Places to Visit During The Holidays after Your London House Move
Moving to a new city just before the holiday season is especially stressful, as you have to think both about your actual moving chores and the Christmas preparations You will be irritated, your...
10/12/2018 Read more
The Most Amazing Castles That You Can Visit When You Relocate to London
Great Britain the land of the many castles and fortresses, the land of historical heroes and epic battles After you relocate to London and settle down, we suggest taking some time and go on an...
15/10/2018 Read more
The Most Bizarre British Traditions You Will Encounter After You Move in the UK
The UK is famous for its history and amazing castles, but did you know that Great Britain is also home to the most peculiar annual events It doesn't matter if you just relocated to London or came...
10/09/2018 Read more
The Ups and Downs When Moving From a House to an Apartment in London
Moving from a big house in the suburbs to a trendy apartment in the heart of London can be a bit overwhelming and exhausting for the entire family Here are some things you should be aware of when...
20/08/2018; updated: 01/09/2020 Read more
Move to London and Visit Amazing Carnivals All Year Round
When you talk about the British capital the word carnival is not the first that comes to mind, but surprisingly there are many annual festivals in London They are colourful, with lovely music and a...
30/07/2018 Read more
Top Removals Receives an Award for Quality and Perfect Service from the National Guild
We are proud and excited to announce that we have been presented with the ELITE HONOURS REMOVAL Award by the National Guild of Removers and Storers This highly prestigious award is annually given...
09/07/2018 Read more


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The Ultimate House Moving Guide

The Ultimate House Moving Guide


1 What to Do When You Move to the UK You need to formulate a detailed plan and include the following steps: Research, Preparation and Execution The first one covers your basics: formulating a...

7 Reasons Why You Should Use a Self Storage in London

7 Reasons Why You Should Use a Self Storage in London


More and more people decide every day to trust their belongings in the hands of professionals and rent a unit in one of the big storage facilities in London There are numerous reasons one might want...

50+ FREE Things to Do in London in 2020

50+ FREE Things to Do in London in 2020


If you’ve decided to visit the British capital this year, you are in for a treat One of the oldest cities in Europe has definitely a lot to offer, and the best part is you don’t have to spend a...

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